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Nurturing Hawai'i's Renaissance


Rooted in the profound belief that 'āina is sacred, the Aloha Earth Foundation embodies a vibrant community-driven mission to heal Hawai'i. Our journey of rejuvenation extends beyond our shores, drawing from our rich heritage of Aloha to forge a future where harmony between humanity and nature flourishes.




Hungry Heros Hawaii

Dedicated to meeting humanity's foundational needs—food, water, and shelter—by fostering self-organized community stewardship. In this space, we invite individuals to align with their inherent genius and share their gifts with the community. From a vibrant empowered community, we address and resolve contemporary issues affecting vulnerable members of Maui. Our long-term vision is to create a Hawaiian-inspired community model based on Moku Nui, Ahupua’a, and the Wheel of Co-creation. HHH serves as fertile ground for connecting people, land, and culture, leading to thriving communities with the spirit of Aloha 'Āina.

Aloha Kai Initiative


Spearheading ocean preservation, our dual approach starts with grassroots beach cleanups across Maui beaches, evolving into a strategic alliance with Haven Water in August 2024 to deploy ocean micro and nanoplastic filters. This bold step towards de-plasticizing the ocean showcases our commitment to cutting-edge, sustainable technologies.

Aloha Always Wins

Our visual odyssey celebrates indigenous wisdom and our holistic service pillars—food sovereignty, water purity, land conservation, shelter provision, and cultural education. This documentary in progress is a beacon for global communities, illuminating the path to coexistence with nature.

About us

Driven by a commitment to environmental excellence and community empowerment, Aloha Earth Foundation champions innovative solutions to the planet's most pressing issues. From ocean cleanups to educational documentaries, we're building a sustainable future together.

Our Work

Our initiatives span the globe, targeting ocean pollution, supporting sustainable agriculture, and uplifting communities. Through strategic partnerships and groundbreaking technologies, we're making a measurable impact.


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